SmartNetwork WG

SmartNetwork Working Group

Create a network that will help achieve the
strategic goals of CNSP of promoting:
Advocacy, Education, Networking and
Professional Development. This can be
accomplished by creating a SMARTNetwork
that bridges between these pillars to create
Excellence, Community, Careers and

SmartNetwork WG committee

LBrooke Ring-Snetsinger-Queen’s University-Core Facility + Uniweb User & Designer
Charlie Hindmarch-Queen’s university-Core Facility + Uniweb User & IT
Chloe Van Oostende-Triplet-University of Ottawa-Core Faculity + Comms WG
Guillaume Lasage-McGill University-CNSP Treasurer
Kenneth Dyson-McGill University-CNSP Hub/Website + Comms WG
Vidhu Sharma-University of British Columbia-Core Admin + Comms WG
Sean Geddes-University of Ottawa-VP Admin
Laurence Lejeune-Independant Consultant-CNSP VP