Job Openings

Job Openings

Light Microscopy Imaging Specialist

Cell Biology and Imaging Analysis (CBIA) core facility at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa

We are seeking a highly skilled imaging specialist for the Cell Biology and Imaging
Analysis (CBIA) core facility at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa. Our
facility provides access to advanced imaging techniques such as live, high- and super-
resolution imaging as well as high-throughput microscopy. The CBIA core offers support
from sample preparation to image analysis and is accessed by a broad community
including cell biologists, neuroscientists, virologists, pathologists, and engineers. The
primary responsibilities of the successful candidate will be to work with the facility
manager to provide extensive training and advanced technical assistance to users of the
facility as well as maintain the instrumentation and its associated infrastructure.

It is expected that the successful candidate will assist in the design, acquisition, analysis
and interpretation of a variety of complex microscopy experiments; will continue to
improve and expand their expertise to develop more advanced imaging protocols across a
variety of platforms (Zeiss, Leica, Quorum/Metamorph, Deltavision, and Incucyte); and
will continue to expand their skills in image analysis.


  1. User training (entry level to advanced)
  2. Image analysis software support (Imaris, Fiji, CellProfiler and Matlab)
  3. Routine and meticulous maintenance of instruments including troubleshooting
  4. Work with manager to monitor equipment access
  5. Maintain and update CBIA web page
  6. Participate in the development of outreach activities and core promotion


  1. Graduate level training (PhD preferred or equivalent experience) with solid
    foundation in light microscopy.
  2. Extensive experience with epifluorescence and confocal microscopy.
  3. Extensive experience with immunostaining.
  4. High level experience with Image Analysis (Fiji, Imaris, Matlab)
  5. Ability to learn new and demanding techniques.
  6. Adaptable and detail-oriented
  7. Coding in Python and Matlab will be an asset.

Salary will be commensurate with experience and will include access to the University of
Ottawa benefits and pension plans*
To apply, submit by e-mail a cover letter and CV highlighting your relevant experience to, before 23 July 2022.
Informal inquiries can also be directed by e-mail to Dr. Copeland, director of the CBIA
*pursuant eligibility requirements

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