Date: February 22nd, 2024
Time: 1.00 – 3.30pm (PST)
Location: Rudy North Lecture Theatre, Lower Level Room 101, Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, UBC Hospital Site,
2215 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

The Canadian Network of ScienUfic PlaWorms (CNSP) is a naUonal group focusing on advocacy, educaUon, networking and professional development for those engaged with scienUfic plaWorms (aka core faciliUes). Following on the very successful “CNSP ScienUfic PlaWorms MeeUng 2023”, CNSP is hosUng a number of regional meeUngs in 2024, the first of which will be in Vancouver, leading up to the next naUonal meeUng in 2025. Please join us at the Centre for Brain Health to meet the CNSP President, Dr Claire Brown, and network and learn from your fellow plaWorm scienUsts.

If you’d like to a]end, please use this registration link to ensure we buy the right amount of refreshments:
https://ubc.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_a9o1u4sgqwIQ5j8 or use the QR code above.


1.00pm – Greetings and Introductions

1.10pm – Dr. Claire Brown, “An Overview of the CNSP and the importance of Career Pathways for Platform Scientists”

1.40pm – Q&A with Dr. Brown

1.55pm – Stretch break

2.00pm – Dr Marie-Claude ForUn, “We learn from our mistakes: A core facility failure café”

2.55pm – Coffee, Snacks and ConversaUon

3.30pm – Event ends

ABSTRACT for Dr. Brown’s presentaion:
The Canadian Network of ScienUfic PlaWorms (CNSP) was founded in 2016 with the goal of bringing together the Canadian community involved with shared research infrastructure (instruments, tools, resources, services) platforms to understand common challenges and come up with viable solutions. The four pillars of the network will be presented including upcoming activities and ways to get involved. The second part of the presentation will focus on a recently published Global BioImaging internaUonal recommendation on career paths. The recommendation discusses 1) the value and impact of imaging
scientists working in platforms, 2) recruiting and retraining staff including sustainable funding mechanisms, 3) training and professional development of imaging scientists, and 4) success stories from around the globe.
Questions: please email Jeffrey LeDue (CNSP Western Rep.): jeffrey.ledue@ubc.ca